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MemoryCow Giveaway

50 items To Be GivenAway at just 1penny! Use it, Sell it, Keep it.

No catches, No hidden charges, No nothing, just a great giveaway!

Randomly, September 29th to Friday 7th October, we will be giving away x50 items (of the same product) for just 1penny on a surprise date chosen by www.memorycow.co.uk. This particular product has an RRP of £14.95, and is still very current and compatible with many of today’s electronic consumer devices. The only catch to the customer, is you have to find the product that we are giving away for for 1penny on our website!

Retweet on twitter using hashtag: #memorycowcompetition
Post on your facebook page to let all your friends know: www.facebook.com/memorycow.co.uk

There are some very simple terms and conditions to this competition together with our normal terms and conditions for using our site and entering our competitions.

To get your 1penny product you need to find it on our website, enter it into your basket, and proceed normally through checkout, where you will be charged 1penny (£0.01p). Your product will not be yours until you have completed checkout.

1 - This particular product will appear on our website @ £0.01. Why do we have the item @ 
£0.01p and not £0.00? In order for the product to enter our sales system, we need to charge for the item, so we can keep a record and despatch the item to you.
2- You will need to follow the normal checkout proceedure either by signing up with an account or logging into your account, and then proceed to payment checkout either via paypal or via sagepay. You will need to enter a valid payment method and we will debit your chosen payment method 1penny (£0.01p).
3- Once the product is in your basket, you will need to enter payment details as you normally would.
4- We will only allow x1 product per customer @ 1penny (£0.01p). Please do not enter more than one into your basket, as we will only ship you one.
5- Please do not register more than one account to gain multiple products as we will only send you one product.
6- Once 50 have been given away we will then increase the price back to its full price that we are currently selling this item at.
7- Competition is open to UK residents only.

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a – Like us on facebook or follow us on twitter to get the news into your feed of when the competition is open, as we are not giving any indication as to when we are going to open this competiton. The news will appear in your feed of either facebook or twitter if you are following us on either of these social sites, which will make it easier for you to find out when it’s active and stand more chance to pick up this product before anyone else!
b - Retweet or facebook the link to friends and others to let them know once you find it!



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